Please note:
Meals Mon - Fri = R60 pp

Delivery and collection:
Delivery of daily meals will be done by latest 3pm
Clients can also collect their meals by latest 6pm

Payment options:
Option 1 - Cash on Delivery/Collection
Option 2 - Weekly/Monthly (A 50% deposit will be required and balance to be paid before they can order in the new Month)


Week 5 Daily Meals

Please select the days you would like to order for. Enter your email address and press the order button. We will confirm your order as soon as we receive your order. Thank you!

Day Menu Quantity LowCarb/Banting
Monday - Week 5
  • 31.01.22
  • Chicken & Spinach Curry
  • White Rice
Tuesday - Week 5
Wednesday - Week 5
Thursday - Week 5
Friday - Week 5